What is the dollar in your wallet? 

It’s money, of course… right?

It’s a question that many folks don’t think twice about. But Mike Maloney says that understanding money, and more importantly, the difference between money and currency is the most important lesson there is to begin securing your financial future.

In fact, he makes it the focus of Episode 1 of his critically acclaimed video series, Hidden Secrets of Money.

Mike begins by traveling all the way across the world to Egypt, where gold was first used as money thousands of years ago, to tell this important story. Currency and money are very similar. They’re both a medium of exchange, a unit of account, portable, durable, divisible, and fungible…

But real money is also a store of value – and that’s where currencies like the US Dollar fall short. But it’s not just the US Dollar. Today, nearly every country on the planet uses fiat currency, issued by the government, which are being printed at will and losing their purchasing power. Unlike gold and silver, which have maintained their purchasing power for over 5,000 years…

“Gold is only formed when a star explodes, a supernova. And it stays around forever. This is one of the properties that make it the ultimate money.” – Mike Maloney

So why don’t more people know about what’s happening with our currency? Mike explains how this widespread financial fraud has become accepted by the masses and a part of everyday life… 

“One of the biggest make believe stories ever is called quantitative easing, which sounds complex, but it’s really just a smoke and mirrors term for currency creation. QE started with the banking bailouts back in 2009. This currency was created out of thin air and then given to the banks who paid themselves record bonuses in reward for crashing the world economy. This is a global phenomenon, but all you have to remember for now is that whether it’s QE, bailouts, or stimulus programs, these are all just voodoo hocus-pocus terms for increased currency creation.” – Mike Maloney

Throughout history, governments have turned to printing currency to finance special interests. And every single time, this path of currency expansion leads to a currency collapse. It’s a process we’ve seen time and time again, only this time, it’s happening on a global scale.

Mike reveals how every single time a currency collapses, people turn back to the one asset that’s acted as money for thousands of years…

“When governments do this kind of stuff to their currency supply, they debase it, eventually it comes back in inflation. People sense the loss of purchasing power. They rush back to gold and silver and they bid the value of the gold and silver up in the country until it meets or exceeds the value of all the currency in circulation.” – Mike Maloney

This amount of currency debasement has never happened before on such a global scale.  It’s a process Mike details in depth in Chapter 4 of his new book, The Great Gold And Silver Rush of the 21st Century.  Whether it’s China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, nearly every country is recklessly printing more and more of their currency every year. 

We’ve passed the point of no return. Every single person alive will be affected by it, which is why Mike calls it the biggest crisis in human history. 

But he also says that within this coming crisis, is a great opportunity for those who know what’s coming. If you act today, you’ll not only dodge the massive financial hardships sure to come, but you’ll come out better than ever…

To hear Mike’s steps to protect yourself, watch episode 1 of Hidden Secrets of Money right here.

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