Chapter 4 – Scene of the Crime

Mike calls it the greatest theft in human history.

In Chapter 4 of The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st Century, Mike explains in full detail exactly how central banking and currency creation have warped our financial system, creating the most dangerous bubble in human history.

If it sounds confusing, it’s that way by design. The powers that be have deliberately made the financial system as confusing as possible, to the point where most people give up out of frustration. 

But if you commit to making this effort, you’ll learn exactly how we ended up in this current financial mess… plus, you’ll see exactly how to protect yourself when the system finally comes tumbling down.

It’s shocking, to say the least. 

You can read the chapter at your pace below, or download it to read offline, print it, or share with friends. Or, you scroll down past the PDF to view helpful companion videos for each of Chapter 4’s major themes.

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Chapter 4, Part 1

Chapter 4, Part 2

Chapter 4, Part 3

Part 4 has been removed and I officially retract any statements made in it.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Mike Maloney

Chapter 4, Part 5

Chapter 4, Part 6

Chapter 4, Part 7

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