In the 1970s, gold experienced an incredible bull market. 

By the end of the decade, gold was all over the headlines… but in reality, silver saw the biggest gains. 

By 1980, a single ounce of silver reached $50 – climbing 41X higher than its price at the beginning of 1970.

For years, Mike has been calling for silver to reach triple-digit prices. But so far, that prediction hasn’t come to fruition. So today, Mike examines just how high silver could climb if it went into another hyper bubble like it did in the 1970s.

Mike takes a deep dive into the data, comparing silver to real estate, stocks, and bonds, using a series of charts right on the Federal Reserve’s website. He matches inflation metrics from back then to today to get an idea how silver could behave in today’s atmosphere.

And no matter which inflation metric you look at, today’s bull market in precious metals could be much larger in magnitude and duration. In fact, in some examples Mike shows, silver could climb anywhere from $500 up to $2,000 per ounce!

If you think it’s impossible, consider that silver’s historic rise in the 1970s wasn’t because of a monetary collapse. It was simply because of geopolitical tensions with Iran and an oil embargo.

Those events will be a minor blip compared to an actual currency collapse. And when the US Dollar actually experiences the inevitable currency crisis, brought upon by endless expansion, there’s no telling how high silver will go.

And that’s why Mike is steadfast that silver will soon reach $100 or more…

“I absolutely stand behind my claim that silver is going to triple-digits one day. It absolutely will! This is my belief. I stand behind it. There isn’t anything I can measure that would show it NOT going there!” – Mike Maloney

Mike still stands by his prediction. And in Chapter 9 of his new book, The Great Gold & Silver Rush of the 21st Century, Mike goes even further, presenting new updated data that makes a compelling case that silver could have even more upside than gold in the coming years.

But Mike says whether silver reaches $100… $500… or $1,000, the important thing to keep in mind is that it’s a screaming bargain at today’s prices.

So, if you want to profit from silver during the upcoming monetary shift, you’ll want to act now, while there’s still time. 

For the full story, watch Mike’s video below.

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